Topic- Childhood Obesity in the United state.Format “ APA format. APA style incl

Topic- Childhood Obesity in the United state.Format “ APA format. APA style includes a typed paper that is double spaced on standardized paper ( 8.5× 11) with 1³ margin on all sides and written in 12 point Time Roman Font. Your introduction of your paper should introduce the health topic that you research. Your introduction should include the following: 1 A through general overview about your and your chosen health topic and target group 2 make sure that the introduction includes a thesis statement.Example: Smoking cigarettes has been one of the greatest risk factor in developing lung cancer. Body of the paper must include : 1 Detail information about your chosen health topic.2 Target group : what group is the health issue affecting ( ex African America Asian Caucasians elderly children teenagers or college student) ?3) Statistic / prevalence- ( Evidence of the impact of the issue) include supporting facts and details about the health topic ( include about at least one statistic about your health topic)4) Best Practises: what is being done to address this health issue? Discuss at least one program organization or initiative that address your health issue and target group. Conclusion must include-1) Summarized your finding2) Do you have any suggestion about how to address this issue? Is there a need for the more program or initiative to address this issue?

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