Topic 5 DQ 1 Although health promotion and health education are not synonymous,

Topic 5 DQ 1 Although health promotion and health education are not synonymous they do complement each other. Nurses use both health education and promotion to provide patients with the information they need to take care of and improve their health (Falkner Green & Whitney 2018).The five stages of the nursing method are used to provide health education to the patient (Falkner Green & Whitney 2018). The goal of health promotion is to positively influence peoples and societies healthy behaviors as well as the living and working environments that affect their health. Nurses are ideally suited to perform health promotion roles by improving the quality of life for all people by assessing individual and community needs providing education identifying services and evaluating and implementing interventions to help minimize premature deaths and costs for all agencies in both financial and human terms.(coloradotech n.d) First and foremost the nurse assesses the patient to obtain relevant information that willaid the nurse in determining the patients needs. Second the nurse may establish nursing diagnoses based on the information from the evaluation in order to locate the appropriate services. The nurse will then create a plan of treatment which will provide the necessary education as well as supporting the patient in using the available servicesFollowing the patients acceptance of the plan of care the nurse and patient will begin enforcing the plan of care after which the nurse can reinforce the patients previous teaching before discharge. Finally if possible the nurse analyses the results; if this is not possible the nurse may predict the outcomes (Falkner Green & Whitney 2018). A family will face a variety of problems today that can have a significant impact on their health and well-being. Drowning is a current problem that a family can face duringthese times. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children aged one to four according to Falkner Green and Whitney (2018). Though we always associate drowning with recreational swimming in pools lakes or the ocean drowning can. happen. in seconds and in just a few inches of standing water (Falkner Green & Whitney 2018) In order to resolve this problem in a health education plan the nurse will use the five-step nursing process. Respond to the above post supporting the writer in discussion using -300 words APA format with a reference

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