Review examples of proposals and proposal memos from previous semesters on the “

Review examples of proposals and proposal memos from previous semesters on the “Course Documents” page. The “Bat Box” proposal is probably the best example of a successful proposal (with the exception of its “Working Model” section because the absence of detailed, relevant data renders it its weakest part). In crafting a memo (addressed to me) in which you suggest a topic/project, be sure to clarify who your specific audience for this proposal will be, why this person will be receptive to your suggestions, and what authority he/she has in getting your suggestions implemented. Try to create a project that will result in a professional document that will prepare you for writing in your future career field. It could be a scientific or environmental project, business plan, a technical manual, a blueprint for organizing a charitable event, etc. Also, make sure you research this issue as thoroughly as time permits to avoid focusing on a problem that is already being solved (or has been solved) by someone else. Again, this should be a real problem you will be solving for a real person. Be sure to limit the scope to keep it manageable. You are not writing a “paper” about a broad, general problem–you are developing a concrete solution for a very specific issue. Keep in mind that I am your audience for this document.Your objective is to persuade me about the feasibility of your topic. Include as many documented facts as possible to support the importance of your topic. Provide compelling, credible data–not personal observations or anecdotes.
Requirements: 3 paragraph

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