Learning Goal: I’m working on a english multi-part question and need an explanat

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english multi-part question and need an explanation to help me learn.Learning Objectives:This assignment will allow you to develop a clear, well structured academic summary, which is a skill necessary for clear and concise writing. Directions:Step 1: Review the Lecture on Academic Summary, paying particular attention to the formatting requirements. Step 2: Write an academic summary for the text you want to summarize and respond to in Essay 1. Make sure to follow the format outlined in the lecture and below:Introduce the text to your reader. Note the title, author, type of text, and what the text is
Remember that your reader may not be familiar with the text, so be as specific as
(1-3 sentences)
Describe the author’s main idea or argument. Refer to the author by his/her name. Do
not use a direct quote: instead, articulate in your own words what you think the point ofthe text is. (1-3 sentences)Explain how the author supports the main idea or argument. Keep an eye out for how the
author organizes and/or divides up the text (are there sub-headings?). Pay attention tothe author’s use of evidence, quotes from experts, examples from history, etc. The authormight also use certain language or literary devices to support an argument. (1-3sentences)Interpret why you think the author wrote the text. What is the context, or background,
for this topic? Who is the audience? What does the author intend for the audience to takeaway from the text?Note that the summary you write here can go into your Essay 1’s summary paragraph, so you are basically taking out a part of Essay 1 by completing this assignment! With that being said, do your best work!Grading:Below you will find a rubric for this assignment. Make sure to check the rubric before submitting. To receive full credit, you need to make sure you are following all 4 steps of the academic summary, writing clearly, and formatting inMLA. Submission Instructions:Follow these steps:Click on “Submit Assignment.”
Choose “File Upload”
click “Choose File”
find your file
click “Choose”
check the box next to “I certify”
click “Submit Assignment.”
Requirements: Depends on the prompt

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