1. In general, Morgan’s health status is actually in a very good place. His weig

1. In general, Morgan’s health status is actually in a very good place. His weight was 185 pounds and his body fat was 11%, which is good, especially for American standards. Along with that, his levels regarding his triglycerides and cholesterol were well above average. 2. Morgan should eat around 2500 calories every day in order to maintain his weight. On the McDonald’s diet, he is eating upwards to 5000 calories a day for the whole month. 3. The first graders recognized Ronald McDonald first. I believe this is so because of effective marketing by the company. There was a point in the movie when they mentioned a psychological effect on the children who frequently saw signs and they eventually grew up to have a familiar and often times, pleasant feeling when seeing the same sign. I don’t think he should be banned seeing as though it’s really only just a mascot for the company at the end of the day. I understand they probably do not need a mascot at this point to liven up their environment and boost their marketing, but my point still stands. It’s very interesting to think about if Ronald McDonald is more dangerous than Pennywise. In actuality, Ronald is more dangerous because of his symbolism indirectly affecting people into trying and potentially becoming addicted to McDonald’s food, which as we know, is not so healthy for us. 4. The rate of obesity in the past 20-25 years has increased by double. A stunning fact is that as of 2003 when this film premiered, they stated that if current trends continue, one out of three children born in the year 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime. Some ways to avoid this issue are for parents and/or schools to start educating children about the harmful effects of overeating fast food; simply stop providing children with fast food as often parents normally do; and potentially to have children be more active, assuming they aren’t the most active children in the first place.5. After having his first super size meal from McDonald’s, Morgan vomited. I’m assuming that he was not used to the pure volume of the meal. Morgan even said that the fries were comically large, along with the drink and burger before eating.
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