Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing question and need an explanation to help

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing question and need an explanation to help me learn.NursingType of assignment:Research PaperType of service:WritingSpacing:Double spacingPaper format:APANumber of pages:2 pagesNumber of sources:7 sourcesPaper details:My Topic is Osteoporosis in womenPlease answer these 4 questions below the questions.please use a peer review evidence-based journal within 5years old.Post an article synopsis related to your topic and answer the following questionswith evidence-based research:1. How do we know this is a problem or issue?2. Who needs the information about the problem or issue?3. What are possible solutions?4. How will dissemination of this researched information impact behavior?Please answer the questions on this paper please. Use only peerreview journal within 5 years (evidence based). Please also useinformation from the other reports. Thank you,Outcomes and ContentName: Date:Overview: Capstone Project – Goals/Content/Outline/Strategies/ReferencesObjectives Develop and refine Capstone Project goals, content, outline, andimplementation/presentation on strategies Decide on Capstone project design Develop draft of Capstone projectAs you work on this assignment ask yourself these questions. It is not necessary to formallyrecord your answers anywhere. Use them as a guide for thinking about how you will completethe assignment.1. How do we know this is a problem or issue?2. Who needs the information about the problem or issue?3. What are possible solutions?4. How will dissemination of this researched information impact behavior?Please use information for the next assignment.Why topic was chosenFor this assignment, I chose Osteoporosis in women since the complications of thiscondition are rampant and cause significant deaths in the country.Importance of this topicOsteoporosis is, to some extent, a death sentence to America’s old population (Allen,2017). Osteoporosis on its own does not kill. However, the condition serves as awarning to people to be more careful with their lifestyles and habits around them.Osteoporosis patients mostly die due to complications that arise from fractures thathappen in severe Osteoporosis. Research asserts that women are more susceptible toOsteoporosis than men. Such happens because the hormonal changes that come withmenopause notably affect bone density. For example, estrogen plays a significant rolein ensuring strong bones. The drop in this hormone during menopause weakens bones,making women vulnerable to Osteoporosis. Therefore, the topic is significantly essentialto create awareness among the vulnerable population. Who will benefit from the research?Osteoporosis is common in older women. Therefore, research on this topic will helpcreate awareness among this vulnerable population, especially paying more attention totheir lifestyles and habits (Allen, 2017). Secondly, research on this topic significantlyequips orthopedic nurses and physicians on what they need to know about thecondition. Lastly, although the disease is rampant in older women, men still findthemselves in orthopedic wards for the same situation. Similarly, girls and youngwomen will someday be older and become susceptible to this condition. Therefore,research on Osteoporosis will benefit the entire population. What cultural/spiritual issue influence your chosen area of interestThe awareness of Osteoporosis benefits is in all cultures. It becomes a spiritual issuewhen you have Osteoporosis. Your attention begins to focus on bone suffer and theincreased risk for fractures. ReferenceAllen, S., Forney-Gorman, A., Homan, M., Kearns, A., Kramlinger, A., & Sauer, M.(2017). Diagnosis and treatment of Osteoporosis. Assessment.Information from another student to help me with my project:My grandmother suffered from osteoporosis as she got older. She unfortunatelysuffered from various breaks in her later life, from a broken ankle to multiplespinal fractures. Working in the emergency room, I see a large number of elderlyindividuals with broken wrists, hips, etc. because they had an unexpected fall. Notonly does this affect the patient’s overall well-being, but it can have a negativeeffect on their independence making them more dependent on family membersfor their ADL’s, needing additional rehabilitation or nursing home placement. Being knowledge about osteoporosis and contributing factor can help younggeneration fight the battle of osteoporosis early on by incorporating calcium richfoods and vitamin D into their daily diet, avoid smoking, alcohol and excessiveamounts of caffeine, incorporating exercise into their daily routine, etc. I know I tryto do what I can to prevent osteoporosis as well as other disease processes thatdevelop at a later age. I feel that the more informed the public is gives them anopportunity to make choices that will benefit them in the long run. Just curious,are women required at a certain age to have preventative screening forosteoporosis, similar to recommended preventative colonoscopy screening at agefifty for early detection of colo-rectal cancer or mammograms at age 45-50 forearly detection of breast cancer?My response to my classmateThank you so much for sharing your ideas with me. I am so sorry that yourgrandmother had suffered various breaks. My mother also suffers fromosteoporosis that the reason I decided to do the research. So far, she has hadfractured her left elbow and her right foot. It is so hard to prevent them fromfalling. I agreed that it affects their overall well-being, but it harms theirindependence. It is not easy for them to become dependent on the family. WhereI work, we sent the women and men over 65 years or younger at higher thannormal risk factor a fracture for a Dexa scan. Hopefully, we do not have to gothrough all pain and suffering like our loved ones.Name:Date:Overview: Capstone Project – Smart Goals and Project ObjectivesIn this assignment, you will locate and summarize content of 2 current articles on the use ofSMART goals/objectives: what they are, how they are used, and why they are effective.Assignment must contain citations and references in correct APA format. Articles publishedwithin the last 5 years are considered current.You will also select 3 current peer reviewed articles that address your chosen focus area foryour Capstone Project and create 3 goals/objectives for your Capstone Project using theSMART Goals/Objective format.Objectives Summarize 2 articles discussing what SMART goals are, how they areused, and/or why they can be an effective tool. Create 3 objectives for Capstone Project using SMART format. Select 3 peer reviewed articles addressing chosen focus area to include inthe provided grid.
Requirements: 2 pages

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