You work as an internal auditor for Oklahoma State University (OSU). You were as

You work as an internal auditor for Oklahoma State University (OSU).
You were asked to perform an audit of the purchasing cards (P-cards)
that are used on campus. P-cards are a business credit card that some
employees are permitted to use to purchase necessary goods and services.
If employees agree to certain rules, they can then use a P-card to make
appropriate business purchases rather than using their own credit card.
This allows the employee to avoid spending personal funds and seeking
reimbursement.It also provides the business with greater control because
the business can institute internal controls to limit types of
purchases and avoid inefficient and fraudulent transactions.
Organizations also can track spending using detailed P-card records
provided by the credit card companies.You have been assigned the
task of auditing all of OSU’s P-card transactions for 2014. To perform
this audit, you received a file of all P-card transactions for the
entire state of Oklahoma (the state collects all transactions for state
and higher education institutions).[1] This file will be described more in Part II.The purpose of this case is to help develop your analytical mindset. An analytics mindset is the ability to: Ask the right questions
Extract, transform and load (ETL) relevant data
Apply appropriate data analytics techniques
Interpret and share the results with stakeholders
this case, you will perform the following tasks, as assigned by your
professor. Each task focuses on a different part of developing an
analytics mindset.
Requirements: As long as needed

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