Learning Goal: I’m working on a programming question and need guidance to help m

Learning Goal: I’m working on a programming question and need guidance to help me learn.In this assessment, students will have four sub-tasks in order to explore these further:1. Choose a game development topic or Unreal Engine feature and explore it in depth. This can be a system that is interacted with through the Unreal UI (e.g. world building), one that is through Blueprints (e.g material shaders), one that is through code (e.g. the Gameplay Ability System), or one that requires a mixture of these.2. Create a written tutorial in the style of the weekly lab activities in this subject. This activity should scale well, presenting foundational knowledge at the beginning and a reasonable challenge by the end.3. After submission, students will be given 2 x tutorial activities made by other students and be required to complete them and provide an anonymous peer review along with their completed project files.4. Each tutorial’s creator will then need to verify and mark the completed tutorialssubmitted by other students.The purpose of this assessment is also to get you to become a more responsible member of the Australian games community. The industry is small, and we need to share knowledge. As you become more skilled and fill leadership roles, it is your responsibility (in any industry) to teach others around you, especially juniors (e.g. new members of a team). This assessment will allow you to build those teaching skills by making you a university tutor for a single activity (remember, your teaching staff do this at least 10 times a semester in this subject and 31263 Introduction to Game Development).Created by: Dr William RaffeUTS CRICOS PROVIDER CODE 00099F2.08.2021Group Sizes:This is an individual assessment, so you will not be in a group.Your tutorial must be:1. In a written format (no videos – you’ll get a chance to do videos in Assessment 3).2. Structured into Pass, Credit, Distinction, and High Distinction levels, similar to the labs in this subject.3. These grade levels must scale well, such that the Pass level has a lot of information to help students understand fundamentals, while the High Distinction levels require students to problem solve and self-learn a concept (and everything in between for Credit and Distinction).4. The tutorial should be aimed at taking roughly 1-3 hours to complete. This is a large range, but it accounts for the fact that some students will have higher skills than others and therefore completion times will vary.w
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