Revise carefully the module materials (including the readings). Get inspired by

Revise carefully the module materials (including the readings). Get inspired by referring to the bibliographic references provided or other published papers that employ the techniques illustrated during the module. Choose a set of data relevant to your research topic. It can be data you already own, another researcher’s database, publicly available data, or even a dataset that we have used during the seminars (providing that the analysis you perform is different). Do not collect primary data (e.g. by using a survey), since this module does not include any ethical approval process. You are free to use a dataset that you are planning to use for your dissertation. This essay can be an opportunity for you to get familiar with data and methods that you plan to use in the future to investigate research questions you are interested in. A short (max 150 words), unmarked proposal for their essay should be submitted on a dedicated Padlet website (see Canvas). The proposal will contain a brief description of the objectives and research questions, as well as information on the data and methods that are going to be used. The assessed essay should follow this structure: Briefly introduce your research question (300 words approx.
) Provide a background for the analysis (700 words approx.
). You can discuss prior studies that have investigated your same topic or related ones, focusing on the data and methods that have been used and the results that have been achieved. Describe dataset and methods (750 words approx.
). You should discuss how the data have been collected and what are the main characteristics (e.g. available information and variables, sampling/population, number of observations, reference period, etc.). Furthermore, you should present your methodological approach and reflect on why this is particularly suitable in the case of your analysis, being explicit about its advantages and limitations. The method you implement for your essay should be one of those covered in the module. Present and discuss your results (750 words approx.
). You should report the results of your analysis in a precise and clear way (with properly formatted tables and figures) and discuss the evidence emerging from your analysis. Appendix: Include the dataset or an illustrative section of it. Also include evidence of your use of
STATA (e.g. by including the do file in the Appendix or by taking “screenshots” of the main commands you used)
Requirements: 2500   |   .doc file

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